Date Nights

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Once in a while, Mike and I go out on date (after we have put the kids to sleep; sometimes we leave them watching a movie and they are sure to sleep when it is finished) having body massage or foot spa or watching movies and recently, hanging out in a bar with a band playing live accoustic music.

Just like what we did when we were not yet married, we want to have a little us time together once in a while (once a week ideally) talking just about anything without kids butting in and tugging our shirts trying to get our attention. Sometimes we browse kids picture in our phones together to reminisce, laugh and savor the natural high that parenting gives. Sometimes we sing along with the band (from our table lang naman) and eat chips and drink beer. Haha.

I hope and pray that God will grant us good health and long lives to enjoy raising our kids and to share many many many more date nights together.




Valentine Sweetness

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On the night of Valentine’s Day, even if it was Sunday, we went to Eastwood to have at least a little celebration. But before we settled to have our dinner, we walked around and found a big white wall where people can write anything they want to tell their loved ones or Valentines. Gabbie stopped in the middle of the crowd gathered in front of the wall and lined up for the pen/marker. Then she went forward and found a free space at the bottom of the wall. At first I thought she’d ask me what to write. But then she wrote this. So sweet. Despite our fights and disagreements and arguments, her first thoughts of love are still her love for me and her family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fathers’ Day 2015

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The girls have been washed and were already sleeping when I went up the room after finishing some more house chores. It was already past Mack’s bed time so I could hear that he was already cranky and was already asking for dede. But thank God for this hands-on father who knew that he got to do what he ought to do. Haha! Happy Fathers’ Day to my perfect half. Thank you for doing everything to give us comfortable lives and for always being there when we need you. We love you Daddy!



When to draw the line?

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In helping, whether other people or family, when do we draw the line? Sometimes your good intentions get interpreted real bad. So maybe, just maybe, for a change you let go and let them take charge. It is, after all, their own life to live.

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Sometimes I just want to drop everything, ride the car and drive away even without knowing where fate would take me. And then when my mind and heart are already clear of any negativity and heaviness and angst, I go back and start on a clean slate.


Here at home I don’t feel safe anymore. With all the hullabaloos happening one after another, we ca not move anymore like we used to-freely in our own house. But more than that, Im worried about how this has affected my relationship with my kids. Because everytime something happens, I get really annoyed and low-tempered but having no one to at least air out my issues to, most of the time, my kids become my stress absorber. Its not healhy at all. It really isnt. 

So Im praying and hoping that in the next weeks or during the entire summer vacation, we could make it up to the kids. We will try to make this summer break fun and nothing but fun. Im praying for more (even unending) patience for my kids, especially with the eldest.

Parenting is challenging.

Random Posts

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This is what you do when you have so little online time and you don’t, rather can’t get to blog often or you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with (aside from your toddler and baby who will most likely just smile at your rants and raves and whatnots) when you’re at home.

Copying from my FB posted on August 20:

Random: Rafa hugged Mack and said, “I love you Olaf!”
I changed curtains! Quite an accomplishment for someone like me who breastfeeds (unlimited latch!) a baby, entertains an attention demanding toddler and tutors a grade schooler absolutely everyday. Bawat Bata by Sugarfree is on repeat in our iTunes- Gabbie is practicing their dance presentation for school’s Family Day. Mack has a new nickname pauso by Rafa- MickeyMack! Lastly, Im craving for California Maki.

And then one just today:

Random: Carrying Gabbie’s big trolley bag up and down the trunk and pulling it up the hilly walkway of St. Scho is a real workout! I have seen several daddies getting off their cars in the driveway, kissing their daughters goodbye and having coffee in Jollibee in their boxers. Yesterday Rafa was chanting “he loves me, he loves me much!” Nice choices no? Haha. I can hear giggles in three different pitches now, you should hear it Daddy Michael. It’s sheer unadulterated joy. Our current music on repeat is Best Day Of My Life by American Authors. It feels heaven going to National Bookstore with all those scrapbooking stuff mostly at ten pesos each!

Just random thoughts as they come to mind when I post. Nothing really serious or important. It’s just like letting my friends know what I have been up to in the last couple of days.


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Gabbie was offered Math Enrichment Program in school. Not all students get invited to enrol in this program so without thinking twice about it, we enrolled her. But the thing is, she had to extend an hour of stay in the school during Mondays and Wednesday for the whole school year. Her school service couldnt adjust to her new dismissal time so we had to look for another. Good thing her classmate Nica, who also attends the MEP, rides a school service that could accommodate their new schedule. And so today she will ride with Nica gping home.

When I told her about it, Gabbie said, “Ayan, Ate Dominique can talk louder already in the school bus”. I asked her why, and then she told me that when they go home together, another servicemate Ashley would tell D and Karylle to not speak to Gabbie and whenever they talk, they just whisper to ear other so that Gabbie wouldnt hear what they’re talking about. They wouldn’t include her in their conversations.

While Gabbie told these things to me very casually, I cringed. All those time my daughter is being bullied withouth me knowing.

And while I know that bullying can happen to anyone anytime anywhere, I still feel sad knowing that my daughter at such a young age would have to go through that. I am just hoping that this bullying instance, no matter how small it is, will not hav an effect on Gabbie in any way.

Call me paranoid but I should be reading more about bullying and how to tell if your kid is going thru something not good emotionally or physically.