No More Drama in the Kindergarten

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Posted originally in FB on September 11, 2018.

Last month when he went back to the Kindergarten without Ate Rafa, we were a bit worried that he wouldn’t be able to adjust easily. For two weeks each morning, farewells were all drama. Crying, haggling and begging for mommy or daddy to stay for 5, 10 or 15 minutes more or not leave him in the Kindergarten at all. And when I’d pick him up in the afternoon, he was always playing quietly in one corner, alone.

We also thought that he would find it hard to learn to speak Deutsch so we requested Rafa and Abby to speak to him in Deutsch at home.

But it turned out it’s no longer necessary. After another week, the teacher told me he already started to mingle with other kids and even started to talk in “not English” mostly to adults. And then after few more days, when I came to pick him up, he was already outside playing with other kids and told me “Warum bist du shon da?” which literally means “Why are you already there?” When I asked him why, he said “Agad agad? But I want to play more!”


So there, I feel like we underestimated Mack. In the Kindergarten, he is now Aivan and not Rafaelle’s brother anymore. And when it’s time to say byebye in the morning there’s no more drama. Now it’s “Mommy, go na!” 😂


Rainy Saturday Musings: Homework- Yes or No?

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Homework? For us, it doesn’t really matter as long as there’s balance. My kids spend half day in school so they still have the other half all to themselves. A one or two-page homework won’t hurt, as they still have enough time to do other things. I still give them extra Reading and Math worksheets sometimes. Rafa goes to Ballet class on Tuesdays and Swimming lessons on Fridays (Karate on Thursdays soon). Abby goes to School Choir on Mondays, Dance lessons on Tuesdays, Theater Class on Thursdays and Swimming lessons and Reading Club on Fridays.

All these and we still have time to eat ice cream, do artwork, go to playgrounds, do videoke, watch a movie and have playdates with classmates and friends on ordinary days. It’s a little different when they have tests. But thankfully, we get by. They even help me do some house chores. Abby unloads the washing machine and hangs the clothes to dry. She cooks rice and prepares the table. Rafa reads to Mack when he asks and can also unload the dishwasher and arrange the plates and such in the cupboard. Mack mostly plays with his Legos but he is my little (home) errand boy.

I heard when they go to higher class, it will be more difficult. There might be more homework in several subjects everyday. And I might also need to assist them. But until then, we will enjoy the free time that we have now.

Life is good. 😍


Today’s musings

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If you can be anything, be kind.

I’m finding it hard to write nowadays because you know, eyesight problems due to old age (old talaga haha!) 😂 but once in a while I try. Today Mack chose these colors to brighten up our rather gloomy morning, although rain is very much welcome after one whole week of scorching heat. Kids for several days had Hitzefrei, they were sent home earlier than normal because it was too hot. Anyway, Mack woke up this morning with fever and no appetite. We already called in sick in the Kindergarten so he can rest and hopefully he’ll be better by weekend in time for our FCC Family Day.

Good Karma Is Real

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I don’t know why there are some people who make it their mission to make others’ lives miserable and stressful 🙄. One day I found myself belittled and somehow humiliated by someone in front of respectable people whom I all look up to because of their dedication and devotion to their chosen affiliates and how they live up to their group’s name. Anyway, being a naturally peace-loving person that I am 😇, and having been taught and raised to not make patol- I don’t want to say stoop down to her level because however judgmental some people can be, I still believe we are all created equal regardless of age, gender, race and status, I opted to just let it pass. I was hurt but during the mass I was reminded that I was there for a reason and that is to serve God and to give back to the community we already consider our family here in Germany. After the mass, someone special to me ♥️(like an Ate I never had) handed me a belated birthday gift (thank you!!!) Then Mike, kids and I spent a few hours of bonding with beloved friends whom I was able to unload my emotional burden with (damay damay na ‘to 😭😂). And then this– in the children’s story from our night time bible reading with the kids, it said “…being a Christian isn’t easy. Many times, Christians will face trials. But God is always there to help us through our trials. God will protect us so we can finish the job He wants us to do.” 😍 So you see, when someone throws a bato your way, sigaw ka lang ng Darna! 😂 Joke!! Just smile, be still and let God take the wheel. God will throw back at you not just bread but also Swarovski 🤩🤩, real friends and the words of the Holy Spirit to help you get by. Life is good.
#goodkarmaisreal #positivity

Umbrella in the Summer

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Haha, one day I got Mack from the kindergarten and I was using an umbrella because the sun was just too much for me to bear (masakit na sa balat, masakit pa sa ulo). A girl was looking intently as I approached the gate. And when we were just inches away, she asked me “Es regnet?” which translates to “umuulan ba?” in Tagalog. Umbrella here is called Regenschirm. “Regen” is rain in English so umbrella is used only when it rains.

So the next day I got myself this wide-brimmed hat. Haha! Ang galing, sakop buong katawan eh. 😄😄


My online duet

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In the cinema when we watched the Endgame, they showed the trailer of the upcoming Aladdin and naturally, the girls and I went giddy and super excited. Being a Lea Salonga fan, A Whole New World is one of her many songs that I know by heart. So this morning while I was doing the laundry, I thought of singing it in karaoke. The problem was I was alone and no one could do a duet with me (the kids and I do that sometimes). Thanks to Youtube, I found a video of this guy who did the male part so I can do the female’s. How cool is it, huh? 😀So here, allow me please.

Mother’s Day 2019

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So on my 11th Mothers Day, this bittersweet moment happened. This inevitable moment when parents let go of their children to venture out and discover the world on their own. Abby went on a 7-day fieldtrip somewhere 621-km away from home. Tugging the two smaller kids along, I sent her off, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate from a cafe on the way to the train station (hindi kape para hindi madagdagan ang nerbyos ko 😂). The two-minute train ride to school was too short to do a run-through of my reminders that she herself wrote last night on a piece of paper before going to sleep. Walking towards the parking where the bus was waiting, I tried to hold back my tears. In my mind were a thousand and one random questions and what ifs. Have I trained her enough? What if she forgets to flush the toilet? Did she pack enough shirts and underwear? She usually takes forever to shower, will she be mindful of time this time and be considerate of others? Will she remember to drink enough water and put sunblock when she’s out in the sun? Are two books enough to keep her entertained in the whole 7-hour ride? What if she throws her laundry in the wrong bag? Can she pack all her stuff back? When she reads her book she becomes too absorbed and oblivious of time, what if she missed the teacher’s call and gets left behind? This may seem exaggerated for some but I’m a mom and it is innate in me to worry and be OC like that.

All these must have lingered in my subconscious mind the entire night. I woke up every couple of hours to check the time, afraid to miss the alarm and oversleep because I stayed up late to prepare her food and to take a last look in her bag to make sure we got everything in the list covered (half of them, though, are optional to bring haha).

We waved goodbye to her inside the bus as it slowly moved away, and my tears finally fell. I couldn’t hold it any longer. But as I wipe them off, I was reminded that God sends His angels to protect and watch over the children and that my child is in good hands.

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.” Psalm 91:11

It was like somebody whispered to me that I must not worry because Abby is an intelligent kid. She can follow instructions. She may be loud and playful at times, being still a child but she knows that there are consequences for inappropriate moves and behavior. She gets along with most kids and I believe she also now knows how to deal with bullies. She even chose a bus seat beside a schoolmate who once picked on her in the class. They’re friends now 😍

Can’t wait to hear her learnings and kwentos when she comes back. To God be all the glory! ❤️