The Bright Side

Yesterday was reported to be the hottest day so far, with 37 something degrees- a little bit more and… fever na?!  Funny, I came across a page in Facebook and the title goes ” Kulang na lang ng cactus, camel and buhangin ang Pinas” something like that. That’s how it is in Pilipinas, especially the north.

Seriously, everyday it gets hotter and hotter as summer comes to climax. It rained in some parts of the metro yesterday, but it just made the weather all the more humid in most parts. And it must have evaporated in transit because it never reached our place, even a single drop.

But amid this El Nino and the effects it has on our lives, there’s a bright side. The water from the faucet is hot, so there’s no need to boil for Gabbie’s bath. That means we can save on LPG. The sun could be burning our skin but it also kills the germs on our laundry. So there’s no need to iron Gabbie’s pambahay and we can save on electricity from ironing less. And there’s no need to use the dryer after washing the clothes. And clothes dried under the sun smell fresh, so we can save on fabric conditioners. And since it’s really hot even inside the house, we make it a habit to go out at 4PM-6PM to experience some fresh air. All appliances are turned off and unplugged. We save on electricity and Gabbie can play with the kids in the neighborhood.

So instead of complaining and wallowing, look at the bright side. After all, tag-araw is not new to us. We just need to prepare for it and help lessen the effects by taking care of our nature and conserving water. 🙂


~ by ivymarasigan on April 29, 2010.

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