Who’s on my list?

Six days to go, but I haven’t completed my list yet. I have two choices for President and for VP, I’m voting for the one with the B. Haha.

For my senatorial list, there’s a mix of old and new faces, mostly females. But there are still 6 slots vacant.

Those candidates whose supporters keep sending me hate messages (even in wee hours) against the others will definitely not get my vote.

For the local candidates, only one name rings a bell among the three who decided to run for Mayor. For Vice Mayor, I might go for the one whose name is synonymous to victory. For Councilors, will definitely go for the tried and tested ones.

My partylist will always be BUHAY, because I’m pro-life.

Honestly I’m finding it hard to decide who and who not to vote for. But I know my vote will make a big difference. And we all needed the change for our future, for our kids. I’m hoping and praying that the one who wins will also have a heart, not just brains. God bless us on May 10!


~ by ivymarasigan on May 4, 2010.

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