Feels Good to Have Voted for a Winning Candidate

He’s fighting a good fight. It’s not yet official, but with at least 80% of the election returns, he’s leading over his rivals in the presidential race.

Yesterday, we expected the long lines in our precincts in the morning so we went to our respective areas at around two in the afternoon. By then I was still undecided for my presidential bet. I lined up for my turn, and waited for about an hour before I finally got in to cast my vote. I looked at my ballot, still undecided. I skipped the upper part and proceeded with the rest (I was prepared for my senatorial bets and it didn’t take long for me to finish with the locals).

I was torn between Gordon and Aquino. But obviously, I wanted a CHANGE. I have seen Gordon’s works in Subic, and although it’s a lot difficult than our ways here in Manila (and the rest of the country), I like it. I’m pro-discipline, especially in traffic system. Aquino is my second choice. I believe he’s a combination of Ninoy’s intelligence and Cory’s charm, and he has the heart of both of his parents. Exactly what the Filipino nation needs now.

In the end, I voted for the one who has the bigger chance. I wanted to be ONE with the people.

I’m happy to have been part of this momentous event in our history. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


~ by ivymarasigan on May 11, 2010.

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