Remembering My Addictions

My daughter is addicted to Hi5 at age two.

My niece used to go gaga over Richard Gutierrez when she was two years old also.

I don’t remember what my addiction was when I was their age. Books, maybe. But I remember several years back I also got addicted to a few things (not in particular order):

1. F4 (particularly Vanness Wu) – hence my alternick Ivy Wu. My addiction got to close to processing my passport in a week and emptying my bank account just to go to Singapore and see Vanness Wu host MTV Asia. I also spent a lot in concert tickets- P10K, P5K- just to get a glimpse and listen to them lipsynch. And collected expensive magazines and CD’s even if I don’t understand the language. Even lined up at Ultra on a Christmas Eve to get the best seat when the gates open.

2. Live Bands (Wiseguys, Uturn) – I went to as far as watching their gigs four times in a week, up to 2AM every time, even in my office uniform. That was not a cheap thing to do. Entrance fees, food and drinks in Bagaberde, Ratsky, Suburbia, etc. are not a joke. We even went to Pampanga one night to watch their gig and went back to Manila the next morning.

3. Starbucks – I still have my dose of tall-soy-decaf-no-whip-non-fat Iced Cafe Mocha until now, but not as frequent as before, especially when there’s a planner at stake.

4. Keanu Reeves – it all started with The Replacements. Then before I knew it, I found myself rummaging through the piles of CD’s in Astrovision looking for his previous movies. He was interesting, I must say. His life story, his career, even his interest in and choice of music. He used to have a band named Dogstar where he played bass guitar. I would love to do a marathon of his DVD’s again someday.

5. Smallville – there was a time when I erased all personal files in my laptop to make room for the large files of Smallville episodes that I missed due to work. And even if I end up feeling heavy towards the end of each episode, I still longed for the next. I still watch it when I catch it on tv sometimes, but not as engrossed like before.

6. H&Y Lychee and Nestle O% Fat Yoghurt – I had them wherever I go- before. On field works, out-of-town-trips, even in gimiks… They help lessen the guilt from eating too much fatty foods. Now I still have them in my grocery list, because my daughter loves H&Y Lychee too.

7. Milo – this was like my daily source of vitamins when I was still studying. I eat it like Pulvoron, not as a drink. It kept me awake and energized during review nights, and exam days.

8. Blogging – seriously, I love reading and I used to write in our school paper but I never kept a diary until I discovered blogging. I had a personal blog where I wrote everything I feel about life, mostly matters of the heart. So it was mostly poignant.  But it’s a closed book now, and I’m planning to archive it for future reference. Haha. Now I have one which is mostly about Gabbie, and another which is mostly about my thoughts as a wife, a mother, a person in general- but more on the positive mood.

My addiction at the moment is the Twilight Series- books and movies. I will never be surprised if one day Gabbie comes up to me and say she wants a collection of Harry Potter series, or Hi5 or Justin Beiber cd’s, or Barbie’s or anything, as long as it contributes to her development and it will not be detrimental to her health, growth or studies.


~ by ivymarasigan on May 25, 2010.

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