Extreme Emotions

It was indeed an emotion rollercoaster for us last weekend. On Friday, Mike came home from a two-week trip to Germany. With lots of chocolates and goodies (not to mention the Wii!) inside the luggage, who will never be super happy? Then on Saturday, it was Mike’s cousin’s wedding, and Gabbie was a flowergirl. We dressed up early so I can still drop by the salon for a blowdry, and Gabbie was all in the mood because she had a really good nap on the way to the church. And seeing the bride smile as she walked down the aisle brought so much joy in our hearts. It was indeed a happy event, albeit the warm weather. The food was also great.

Too bad we had to leave the reception early because we had to drive to my province to attend to an aunt’s wake. Suddenly, it felt odd. Seeing her inside the coffin was heartbreaking. She was 61, too young to have gone. But knowing the she is already on her way to Heaven was comforting, she will never have to suffer from her bone illness anymore. On Sunday, at 9AM, Tita Mila was finally laid to rest.

Strange, but…

Congratulations and best wishes to Lheng and Ariel.


May you rest in peace, Tita Mila.


~ by ivymarasigan on May 31, 2010.

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