Accidents Happen…

After a happy dinner with the family the other day, Gabbie was rushed to the ER. Her forefinger got stuck on the car door. I opened the door to the back seat but she wanted to sit in front so I closed it slowly not noticing that her hand was there- because she was trying to open the door to the front seat. She did not cry or scream at once, but Mike saw it. It was dark in the parking lot so I tried hard to focus on what was happening, and it took me a few seconds to realize that she was hurt. There was no blood, though, but when I carried her she started crying. We rushed her to the hospital just a block away and she was given first aid. The doctor suggested an XRay to make sure there’s no bone fracture. We had to do it three times because we couldn’t get the right position (she was crying the whole time but she was cooperating).

The doctor advised us of the initial findings- no broken bones, just scratches and a small wound- and gave us prescription for swelling and fever, if there would be any. We went home right away and she fell asleep in the car. The next morning she woke up, removed the dressing and played like nothing happened. But for me, every time I remember that moment, the hurting look on her face, and when we were at the XRay room when she obligingly put her hands under the “camera” (I described it to her as a camera that would take picture of her hand so she would smile and say cheese even if she was crying)- I feel guilty. Accidents happen but still, it was my fault and I hate myself for not being extra careful.


~ by ivymarasigan on June 10, 2010.

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