Milestones: Overcoming Her Fear Of Water

Gabbie has always been fond of water, but only in her inflatable kiddie pool or her big orange basin. We’ve been to Subic and Boracay and a few swimming pools already and although we got her to dip in the water, she was crying and clinging to me all the time. Last summer, I inquired about swimming lessons for kids in Marikina Sports Center. Not really so that Gabbie can learn to swim, but just to make her used to the water. Unfortunately, they accept only four-year-olds and above. They hold separate sessions for babies somewhere in Cainta, which is not very accessible to our place.

But last Saturday afternoon in Daddy’s hometown- Calapan Mindoro- we went to swim in the nearby beach with Lolo Bong and Ninong Sid. At first Gabbie was just playing in the sand. But when she saw me submerged in water crying for help (just kidding) she took little steps toward me oblivious of the water which was already her waist high.

Finally, our little Gabbie has overcome her fear of water, or deep water for that matter.

And  then she walked, she jumped, she ran, she pretended to swim like Agua and she played her toys in the water endlessly.

I kept telling Mike that I was really happy we brought her back to the beach to witness this yet another milestone.

Gabbie, mommy and daddy are so proud of you 🙂


~ by ivymarasigan on June 15, 2010.

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