Sixty Years

It’s a long way to go. And for us who are just starting with our married life, its not easy to think about going that far living together like they’re still on their honeymoon stage.

That’s how it is for Mike’s maternal grandparents- Inay and Tatay as we call them- who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last weekend.

I see them as an old couple with young hearts. I’m not so sure but I guess they still disagree on many things and may still experience marriage troubles. But the fact that they were able to stay together (no separation by death or by adulteries, and such- haha!), waking up beside each other for those blissful sixty years of their life is just amazing and inspiring.

I live one day at a time. But I can’t help wondering what we will be like 57 anniversaries from now (we just had our 3rd). Having a walk by the beach after breakfast? Playing Wii (or whatever its equivalent is by that time) with our grandkids? How I love to imagine what I had just said. But for now, I guess we just have to treasure every minute that we have together.


~ by ivymarasigan on June 17, 2010.

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