Back Jobs

Some things are being done with our house again. I thought with the rainy season and all, there would be no more alikabok. I don’t know where I got that idea but apparently I was wrong.

First (and again), is the terrace that stocks up water when it rains causing the porch and the front door all soaked up even long after it has stopped. Sometimes when we’re lucky and the rain is pouring really heavy, we get a shower right in our doorstep. The previous repair guys have already fixed this but there has to be some pipe re-routing that needs to be done.

Second, the firewall at the back. The previous contractor left it rough, so we had to hire somebody else to finish and paint it. Else, the rain water could get thru the walls and flood Gabbie’s room.

Third, repairs of the roof of the extension. We couldn’t test the roof for leaks, of course, until the rainy season.

Fourth, and I think this will again test our patience with the contractor- is the re-painting. There are a lot of spots in the walls where paint has bubbled. This is dependent on the repairs on the roof so this has to wait until everything has been done.

Honestly, this is getting to our nerves already, not to mention the holes in our already thinning wallets and savings account. I really hope everything gets fixed before the typhoon season. And also we want to move on and start saving up for other things like kitchen fixtures or a new sofa  set maybe.


~ by ivymarasigan on July 5, 2010.

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