That’s right! Cats the Musical. Im going to see Lea Salonga perform as Grizabella, the “Glamour Cat” in this second longest running musical in Broadway history.

But due to limited funds, I will “see” her from a faraway seat in Balcony II. I just want to fulfill a promise to myself that when Lea Salonga, my ultimate favorite actor, performs again in a musical in Manila, I will try my best not to miss it.

I missed seeing Miss Saigon over a decade ago. I didn’t regret not being able to watch it, because  as much as I wanted to, I was a struggling working-student at that time, and Lea did not perform on all the performances. It was really hard to juggle work, school and catching Lea’s schedule all at the same time.

But I really wished I did.

Anyways, now for Cats, I still can not splurge on a gold seat due to present financial constraints (our dear car Frodo might have to be replaced soon). And those gold tickets can not wait until the time our wallets have recovered because they’re selling like hot cakes and in fact they’ve extended the running date from July 24-Aug 15 to Aug 22.

The good thing about this is its Lea performing on all performances, so it doesn’t matter at which date we catch the show.

Guess I’m singing Memory everyday til August 21 then *wink*


~ by ivymarasigan on July 17, 2010.

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