Healthy Eating

I am cutting our meat intakes little by little. I have to admit that we are not getting any younger. And, we have to be healthy for our growing family. It would be my biggest disappointment if one day Gabbie asks me to run or play catch with her in the park and I can’t because I am no longer fit to do it.

It helps also that Gabbie doesn’t eat red meat. She only eats chicken and fish. That’s one of the reasons also why I am doing this. I also want to influence her into eating veggies again. When she was a baby, she would eat whatever it is that I give her, even the ampalaya. But when she fully developed or established her sense of taste, she started resisting veggies, even the sweet ones which used to be her favorites like squash, sayote and potatoes. She suddenly wanted to eat eggs. She asks for hard boiled eggs everyday but of course she can’t.

I’m hoping that this is just a phase and that eventually I can get her to eating veggies again and of course, more fruit varieties. For now, she only eats mango, banana, grapes, orange, strawberry and tomatoes. I tried giving her papaya but she didn’t like it. And she finds pineapple too sour that even the juice she wouldn’t drink.

Last Sunday I went back to going to wet market again. I found it inconvenient before and when Gabbie was too small to be left with her daddy in the morning. So we get our daily dose of frozen sea foods from the supermarket. But of course, it’s still best to eat only the fresh and to get big savings I get from haggling. Haha.

I’m looking forward to the day we will be totally meat-free.


~ by ivymarasigan on August 3, 2010.

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