The cat that made me cry

As scheduled, I went to watch Cats at the CCP with Globe friends last Saturday. I came in almost late- 5 minutes before the show started. Mike went home from overnight work that morning at 10AM. He barely slept ‘coz we had to leave supposedly at 1PM so we can still have lunch at the CCP before the play starts.

But it was almost 2 when we left and the traffic was terrible in C5. We didn’t have time to eat lunch or anything. I went inside the theater at 3:05PM and Gabbie and Mike went to Star City to eat and play while they wait for the show to finish.

I enjoyed watching the play, to sum up everything. But I didn’t expect myself to cry. Yes, I did cry towards the ending, during Grizabella’s final act. But it was not because of the story or the sadness of the lines of  “Memory”.

I cried because it finally dawned on me that I was watching Lea Salonga right before my eyes. And I was hearing her very own voice LIVE at a play I have been wanting to see her perform in. Ganun pala ang feeling. When you hear the powerful voice of your ultimate childhood idol and when you  feel your frustrations from not seeing Miss Saigon and her Araneta concert several years back, you just can not control your emotions, and your tears from falling.

Tears of joy, just like when you finally said “I do” or when you hear your baby’s heartbeat in your tummy. Exaggerated, but it felt really like that.


~ by ivymarasigan on August 23, 2010.

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