Mini-makeover: Dining Area

I had been thinking of doing something in our dining area but I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to do. But one thing for sure, I wanted a new look without tearing down a wall and ripping out our pockets. You see, we have a small floor area down here compared to the second floor, because we opted to leave a large space for the garage slash activity slash utility area and let some fresh air in. So for three years, this is how our cramped dining area looked like:

I researched about DIY makeovers at home and found Kara Paslay Designs and Young House Love and the magnificent mini-makeovers they did in their own homes. I started with our full-length mirror (read here) and I believe it turned out nice (how about white for a change? Haha!) so I decided to do it with our dining chairs and well, it seems that we did the right thing.

I moved the ref in a spare space beside the tiny kitchen counter and amazing how a 2x2ft space can make a lot of difference. Or maybe it’s the bulkiness of the ref that compressed everything.

This is a cheap find- a Martha Stewart table mat for only P50. On sale at SM Dept Store when I was- supposed to be- window shopping.

I removed the Last Supper frame because it was just borrowed from my mother.

And replaced it with wall portraits of Gabbie in white frames (I found the weaved paper matting in my scrapbooking stuff) to complement the white chairs and enlighten the look since there are no windows nearby that can provide sufficient natural light.

I was just glad that we didn’t get some Narra-ish type of dining furniture, because I’m the type who wants to play with colors, depending on my mood. So if I’m on the energetic and fiery mood, I’d put something orange-y or red. Or bluish and purplish when I want peace and tranquility. Haha! Black if I’m feeling formal and sophisticated, all-white if I just want a fresher look, green if I’m feeling earthly and yellow for a little sunshine.

I’m loving the fresh look of our little dining area with a touch of green and orange for a mix of vigor and warmth.


~ by ivymarasigan on August 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mini-makeover: Dining Area”

  1. wow major major mam ives.. ganda.. we had same taste of color.. mine is green and orange too on most of my things from plates, mats, curtains, stairs, target carpet, candles.. 🙂

  2. thanks Ron.go light or white on walls and furniture so you can play with colors on the accessories and stuff 🙂

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