Cheap unique wall decor

I just want to share what I did with this cheap decorative paper I got from scrapbooking section of a bookstore. It’s a textured paper carved and cut beautifully and is supposed to be used for matting photos in scrapbooks or photo albums. But I thought it was too nice to just keep in an album when I can display it and make a dull and boring wall in our house a little lively.

They’re available in four colors- Pink, Light Blue, Lavender and Yellow. I got all colors, of course. Then framed them in white background and black rim and matted in just about the right proportion and Voila!

So the used to be plain wall by the stairs is now adorned with these unique but cheap framed wall decor and somehow they add a little girly and homey touch to our simple abode.

I wanted to put one more, but it will not be safe with the ever curious Gabbie around. It might distract her concentration when she goes up or down the stairs.

The pink and the blue ones are now breaking the monotony (all-neutral and earth colors) in our bedroom.


~ by ivymarasigan on August 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cheap unique wall decor”

  1. I love it! Great idea 😉

  2. thanks Catherine 🙂

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