Smart- not?

Three months ago, hubby’s company changed corporate account from Globe to Smart. Our complaint about Globe was the super weak Globe Visibility signal in the area. Hubby used this wireless internet connection when he’s on remote support- at home, on the road or anywhere he was and there’s an issue for him to attend.

When  they switched to Smart, even the cellphone calls were a real pain in the ass. SMS come delayed and calls get disconnected. He has to go out of the house or if its in the middle of the night, he would go to glass-doored terrace just to get a signal enough to sustain the connection.

Their corporate account allowed them to get lines for personal use. He got one for me. We waited long for the application to be approved and when it was approved, we were asked to pay for the unit within a few days only or the application will be cancelled. I paid in Smart Center a day or two after we got the notice.

We waited again for more than a month for the unit to be delivered, but when it was finally delivered, we couldn’t use it right away eventhough there’s a note in the box that says it’s already pre-activated and even ready for use in web browsing. There was a “SIM registration failed” error when we turned it on and tried to make a call. We called the Smart hotline and we were advised that the activation usually takes 24 hours. That was Monday.

Now it’s Wednesday- 72 hours had passed already and the phone and line are still dead. I don’t have any plans of buying a prepaid SIM just to be able to use the unit, and I can not use my Globe SIM because the unit is network locked. Mike has been calling the Smart hotline and all he gets is a “ok we’ll follow it up” response or if it is a different CSR, he would be given a new trouble ticket. No solution. By now, he should have around 10 trouble tickets in their system already.

I wish I can just cancel this subscription. But it’s locked for 18 or 24 months, I’m not very sure. I checked the receipt for the payment I made for the unit, it included an advanced monthly service fee. But their services are delayed- way beyond the acceptable for a paying subs like me.

So it isn’t Smart after all. They don’t live up to their name. And all we could do is just sigh and hope that the antenna and signal bars appear on the phone the next time I turn it on.


~ by ivymarasigan on September 16, 2010.

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