Why we don’t subscribe to cable

I’m writing this because someone needs serious convincing. Haha.

Since we moved in here in our place, we never had cable connection. For one, all wired connections here in our street are done underground (electricity & landlines) and it looks really nice if you ask me- no tangled wires over our heads that are dangerous during typhoons or strong winds. If we get a cable, then we will no longer be visibly wire-free, because I think there’s no provision for underground cable connection or it was already damaged by Ondoy.

Another reason why we don’t subscribe to cable is that Mike and I were both working back when we moved here and when we get home at night we usually just watch the news.

When Gabbie came and I stopped working, we got aircon. Our electricity bill went high of course, so there’s another reason why we should save more and therefore, we could’t get a cable. First the monthly bill, then the additional electricity cost that comes with watching cable channels.

When Gabbie started appreciating cartoons, I was thinking maybe we should get already. But I don’t want her to get hooked to Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon or other cartoon channels, even if they’re child-friendly and educational. I don’t want her to get hooked to TV. I bought her books and educational toys instead. I got her some DVD’s that she can watch once a day if she wants, but if she doesn’t ask for it, I don’t play it.

Another reason is that if we get a cable connection, we should watch TV more often because if not, it’s useless. And that is something I’m not used to doing.

And one thing, some of my current favorite shows (American Idol and Glee of course!) are now being shown over our local channels. So where’s the need?? Haha.

So there, now I’m convinced. :p


~ by ivymarasigan on September 23, 2010.

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