So, which school?

I wish that looking for the perfect school for your child is just as easy as finding the perfect venue for her first birthday.

I have been on it for several weeks now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she already turned three and I haven’t chosen one. I have a few on my list already and they all seem promising. They all integrate learning with play and arts and other preschool activities. Almost all have Math, Science, Language and Reading. All of them have field trips. One even has culinary as part of the curriculum, and even teach French as second language. Some have been on the business since 90’s, some started out in year 2000-ish, and one is on it’s pilot year. But all of them have cute sets of uniforms, well for me, because I like it when I see a toddler in scrubs or school dress or even terno shorts and shirts for their P.E. class.

Going back to my search, within Marikina area, I have found some pre-schools that are accessible to our place:

Kidstech- this is very near the Sports Center. A couple of laps while waiting for Gabbie’s dismissal? Not bad. And they provide the kids’ food. Two kids from the neighborhood studied here- one went to Ateneo gradeschool and the other one is a consistent honor student in Marikina Catholic 🙂

– P43K plus P600/month for food  plus uniform = P50K

– 12 students per class; 1 teacher & 1 aide

– Traditional/Progressive

Kids On Focus – they also provide the snacks for the kids. Saves me an hour of prep time, I can wake up late and not worry about my kid being late 🙂

– P59K (inclusive of uniform and food)

– 8 kids in a class; 1 teacher and 1 teacher aide

– Eclectic

Smallville Montessori- they’re the one with the culinary arts and they teach French language! I soooo like it. And the kids actually wear chef uniform and toque.

– P70K but they have an ongoing promo of 20% off for tuition fee (2010-2011). It’s currently P57K exclusive of uniform

– 8 or 9 students in a class; 3 teachers

– Montessori/Progressive

Ingenium– I think this is one of the oldest pre-schools here in the area and I heard nice feedbacks.

– P58K plus P2K for uniforms and P1K for books = P61K

– 16 students in a class; 2 teachers and 1 aide

ISYC (Integrated School for Young Children) – I also got some nice feedback for this one, and they’ve got a nice and big building of their own.

– P67K inclusive of uniforms, materials and field trips

– 8 students in class; 2 teachers

– Progressive

There are a lot more, I know. And I have several months to decide. But at the end of the day, I guess the main factor is still the cost and how we can sustain it. Because I know that once we’re on it, we’re on it all the way.


~ by ivymarasigan on September 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “So, which school?”

  1. Gosh! I never thought pre-schooling is that expensive!!! But I’ve heard lots of good feedback from the schools you mentioned too. we get what we pay for 🙂

  2. these are the same schools that I am also considering plus Links School for life. So where did you end enrolling your child?

  3. Thank you very much for those info.

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