Face Paint

Gabbie had a face paint during a birthday party she attended yesterday. She was well-behaved while it was being done. When the artist asked her to look up, close her eyes or look down, she followed. It reminded me when she had her first haircut. Straight face and when asked to smile, only her lips moved. Cutie toothless smile.

She was very careful not to touch the face paint the whole time. She didn’t even want to remove it even if it was bed time already. But I had to because it can irritate her skin if she slept like that. So I removed it with our usual hilamos & toothbrush routine. I thought she had already forgotten about it. But she went to the mirror with a ready grin and pose. When she didn’t see the face paint anymore, she frowned and then cried. I saw the transformation of her facial expression.

It broke my heart.

So I drew some curves on her cheeks using my cheek tint. I’m never good at art but at that moment she made me feel like I was the best artist in the whole world. When she looked at the mirror again her reaction was priceless, as if I just did a masterpiece. Then she stopped crying and then fell asleep.


~ by ivymarasigan on October 11, 2010.

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