Flying Dragon

Now she calls it a flying dragon. After finally digesting the fact that there’s a tiny living thing called dragonfly but it doesn’t look anything like a dragon she sees on TV (like the one in Shrek), Gabbie can’t stop talking about it.

According to Wiki, “in around 2000 BC when flying breathing dragons existed a man saw a strange new bug that he never saw before and he though of what to name it and he saw a dragon fly by and and he said oooh i will call this a dragonfly. Ya right. Dragonflies are called dragonflies because the person who discovered them decided to call them that, maybe because he/she thught the looked like dragons.”

Now I just need to convince her that a dragonfly isn’t really a dragon. So that when she sees one, she will not jump and scream “Mommy, there’s a flying dragon!”

And I expect that one of these days she will ask me to make a paper dragonfly to add to her arts and crafts collection.


~ by ivymarasigan on October 18, 2010.

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