Sean Heaven

Meet the newest addition to our growing family- Sean.

Sean was born via emergency CS last October 23. After two days of labor, the midwife (who was assisting my sister to deliver the baby normally) decided to bring her to the hospital for CS. The baby was delivered at around 11PM but due to stress, he was able to ingest some of his poop while trying to get out. He was given respiratory support for a week for his weak lungs and antibiotics for two weeks for the infection.

This was how he looked like when I visited him 3 days after he was born.

He is such a cutie baby. But he with the tubes and tanks attached to his little body was not a very nice sight to see. With the help of our dear friends (and Gabbie’s Ninongs and Ninangs), we were able to support Sean’s 15-day stay in the hospital and pay for his hospital and pedia bills. If newborns could talk, I’m sure the first words that this baby will speak are words of gratitude for God has sent His angels to look over him and make sure he is always safe. We are just so thankful.

Now this is Sean recovering at home:

He is now exclusively breastfed and like a normal newborn, sleeps almost the entire day except when its time to pee, poop and nurse.

God is really good 🙂


~ by ivymarasigan on November 17, 2010.

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