Singapore Trip: my travel kwento (Day 1)

This trip was not planned, well not in the near future. But not a spur-of-the-moment either. I booked our flight around first week of January because I thought that if we are to get pregnant again this year or next year as planned, we might not be able to do it in the next three years at least. And by that time, Gabbie’s passport would have already expired, unstamped.

I asked Gabbie to choose between Mickey Mouse and Shrek. Mickey Mouse means Disneyland in Hongkong, and Shrek of course means Universal Studios in Singapore. Mike and I have been to both HK and Sg, before we were married. We went to Disneyland but not in USS which was not there at that time. Gabbie chose Shrek and Princess Fiona, her favorite. So I finalized our booking and itinerary.

Our flight out was 9PM, because Mike still had to work until 6PM. We were at the airport at 7PM. Gabbie had just taken her afternoon nap. She played a little in the kiddie waiting area before we proceeded to board.

A Tiger Airways greeted her: “Hello Gabbie, are you riding Tiger?” To which she replied: “Uhmm, no! Airplane.” Of course, talk about talking to a toddler.

So as expected, she was awake during the entire flight. It was hard to put her on strap. And she was distracted by a kid her age just behind us who had with her some toys and crayons. She kept standing on her seat looking back and talking to the other kid. She had tantrums the moment we were asked to put on our seatbelts for landing.

Outside food was not allowed, but the food in Tiger Airways was unbelievably expensive. I ordered one meal, anyway, because I was hungry already. For one serving of chicken curry with rice and a Coke, we paid P400 and we were given SGD 0.50 as change. I had a cheeseburger in my hand carry and we secretly made Gabbie to eat it.

At past 12 midnight we were already on board a taxi going to The Sunny Spring Condo, where Mike’s cousin Ging and husband Felix reside. We stayed with them for the duration of our trip. The taxi fare was SGD 21; they charge more at night but you still get your change up to the last centavo, with a receipt.

After eating and some chitchats, we went to sleep at around 3AM. We woke up around 10 and had lunch at a neighborhood resto. Their duck rice shouldn’t be missed. Thanks to Ging for that very yummy meal.

We spent the rest of the day just exploring Suntec City. We had dinner at a Chinese resto by the Fountain of Wealth, again c/o Ging and Felix (sarap magbakasyon dun di ba? hahaha!) and they briefed us on some do’s and dont’s in going around Sg. The bus and train routes, what to see, what to eat and such.

Will just post some pics for now. Maybe later I can embed the video that I created for our Sentosa, Skypark and Universal Studios tour via Youtube.








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