Singapore Trip: my travel kwento (Day 4)

I guess a trip to Sg will not be complete without going to Universal Studios. We were there with Singaporean friends Jeanette and Joisee who happens to be a tour guide so we really didn’t have a hard time planning our “trip” around USS. Catching the shows, rides and attractions were easy. The hard part was timing the appearance of mascots which was like every 30 minutes.

There was a time when we missed the penguins’ appearance because we were having lunch. But Gabbie was quick to see them walking back to their quarters and she ran after them like crazy shouting “Daddy, look! Daddy, look!” Good thing we were also quick with our cameras and we were able to capture her moment with the characters of Madagascar.

We were able to catch Waterworld, Steven Spielberg, Shrek 4D, The Donkey Show, etc. and we were able to ride the extreme ones like The Mummy, Battlestar Gallactica Human and Cyclon which were under technical testing at that time. We were also able to catch Shrek, Fiona, the Penguins, Kungfu Panda among others for the photo ops.

This is the video of our USS tour, again for easy viewing. 🙂


~ by ivymarasigan on March 18, 2011.

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