Is She Ready For The Outside World?

Today Gabbie had her 4th Flu Shot. Two weeks from now, nursery class will start. At home she has access to a clean sink and clean CR where she can always wash her hands. I’ve seen the school and I’ve checked the rooms especially their comfort rooms. They are visibly clean but nobody knows what harmful bacteria, germs and virus could still be lingering.

At home there are only three of us that she mingle with almost all the time. In school there will be ten or more kids and probably two teachers and other school personnel. It will be hard to determine where she got the virus if ever she contacted one.

Gabbie just recently stayed for four days in a hospital due to viral infection. If only moms like me could just put their little kids back to their tummies when their defenses and resistance are low so that they will be protected from the dangers of the outside world.


~ by ivymarasigan on May 25, 2011.

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