First Week Jitters

This morning I asked Gabbie to check her bag if her school things are complete (crayon, notebook & pencil). She pulled her trolley bag, sat in a corner and opened her bag. Suddenly I felt a little sadness. My little girl is really going to school now. Part of me was proud of that, but somewhere in the pit of my heart, I was sad, because I felt that sending her to school means sending her out to the world. And that she’s no longer a baby. Or maybe because she’s still a baby and I’m scared.

Anyhow, I just shrugged the feeling off.

On the day two of their class, parents and guardians were no longer allowed inside the classroom. I was 101% confident that there’d be no problems leaving Gabbie inside because we successfully did it for a month in her summer school. The curtains were raised for us to still see them from the outside. Next week the curtains will be closed. I just felt a little sad about it.

Separation anxiety? Maybe.


~ by ivymarasigan on June 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “First Week Jitters”

  1. hi ms. ivy i just want to ask if where did you enrolled your gabbie? i’m sheryl, i have a 3 year old daughter, i read one of your article about “so, which school?” i’m also looking for a pre-school, super mahal nga ng tuition fee pero ok lang basta worth paying nman.

    • There’s ISYC, Mothergoose, Smallville. But those are a little far from us na, so I sent Gabbie to Brightstar in Kalumpang. Not very pricey but So far she’s ok naman, she was able to read words (not just syllables) at age 4, she could read a book na talaga. But there are a lot of schools in Marikina. You can visit each to see which one fits your standards.

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