Planning a baby shower for our dear Rafa :)

Few weeks after we found out we’re having a new baby, husband and I talked about organizing a baby shower for Rafa and a big sister shower for Ate Gabbie. Then one night coming home from work, hubby handed me a voucher for an overnight accommodation in a hotel somewhere in Manila and we thought of doing the baby shower there just like what we did for Gabbie almost four years ago.

However, due to unexpected (alright, and also expected) expenses this month, we ditched the idea and decided to just save the money for the baby’s other needs. And Ate Gabbie will just be treated to a Disney show in October instead.

But the other night, arriving from work again, hubby greeted me with a serious look and asked if we can still spare a small amount so we can push thru with the baby shower, even for only a limited number of guests. Who was I to say no, I wanted to do it, of course! Just like what we had for Ate Gabbie.

So now I’m into party planning mode again. Next week after Gabbie’s minor exam, we will start checking out stuff for our baby/big sister shower for the girls. We have a resto-venue in mind but it still depends on the availability. I have made a draft of an invitation today and hopefully when daddy comes home from his trip next month, we can finalize the details and start announcing already.

*excited much*


~ by ivymarasigan on August 28, 2011.

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