Almost there :)

The bun in the oven is almost done. Our check up is now every two weeks, and Rafa’s movements inside are already too much to ignore. I can’t even sleep some nights because it feels like somebody is actually kicking me and my tummy.

So far so good. I have prepared some newborn clothes and cloth diapers and some must-haves already. Some are new, some were Gabbie’s, especially the receiving blankets and wash cloths (can’t have enough of those!). I’m dead set on exclusively breastfeeding so I’m not thinking of getting feeding bottles for Rafa this time. But when emergency calls for it, we might just bring the electric sterilizer and my manual breast pump to the hospital and maybe ask hubby to rush to the nearest mall to get a small feeding bottle.

In a couple of weeks I might start packing for our stuff already- mine, hubby’s, Gabbie’s and of course Rafa’s, and have them placed in the car compartment days before the big day.

For the meantime, I’m still always on the go- going with Gabbie to school, doing groceries and some errands. Thankful that there’s no “manas” on my feet and other discomfort aside from Rafa’s sudden movements.


~ by ivymarasigan on September 23, 2011.

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