I kissed the tiny fingers and hands of my daughter Gabbie, and said my sincerest sorry.

Last night when we were practicing her writing, I got really mad because she wouldn’t write nicely and properly and within lines. I wanted to hurt her fingers to make her learn her lessons well. But of course I didn’t do it. And I’m thankful that I didn’t. Or my regrets today- for thinking of hurting her fingers- will be doubled, or even tripled.

Beginning today, instead of getting pissed at her crooked writing, I will focus more on teaching her how to do it properly, with all my patience and perseverance. And whatever her score in Writing exam is, I will gladly accept it and will think of better ways to help her improve instead of whining about it.

Today and always I am thankful for my daughter’s little fingers, whether they can scribble in a straight line or connect the dots properly or not, because the same fingers and hands massage my back when it hurts, help me do simple household chores, give me my medicines when I need them and tickle me and touch my face when I’m feeling sad.

And the same hands will take care of me and her daddy when we are too old and weak already to care for ourselves many many years from now.



I love you Gabbie!






~ by ivymarasigan on October 18, 2011.

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