Bullied by an elderly?

Yesterday afternoon we were in Mercury Drug store in Marikina. While I was at the counter waiting for the medicines, Gabbie was looking for some snacks. Their store is being renovated so the stuff in the open section are not organized. I asked Gabbie to check all the aisles and look for Oreo or Hello Panda. But my daughter found a few boxes of Pocky on top of some Maggi Savor bottles and told me she wanted that. I told her to get Tiger instead, but she really wanted that box of Pocky so she jumped a little to reach it. As she jumped, some Maggi Savor bottles rattled, but they did not fall. And then a manong around 50yrs old or so approached her and said “Wag ka dyan, baka mabasag mo yan, wala kayong pambayad nyan!” He followed it with a sheepish laugh. I saw everything. Gabbie went to me and hid behind me.

After I paid for the medicines, I went to find Rafa’s vitamins in one of the aisles. I saw the manong standing beside the cashier, and I thought of talking to him regarding what he said to my daughter. After I paid, I told him I saw and heard everything that happened but he still had the guts to deny that he said the words “wala kayong pambayad nyan“. I was firm that I heard it because I was just standing a few feet away from where it happened. He even said that he didnt know that the kid has a companion. I told him that even if there’s no companion, that was not the proper way to reprimand a child. I even told him that we are not rich people but if in case my daughter indeed broke a Maggi Savor bottle, I can always pay for it. I just wanted him to know that as a parent who does everything to bring up a child with respect and concern for other people, it pains me to see na sa matatandang gaya nya pa makikita yung hindi kagandahang asal. And what effect would it have on my child? That just because she doesn’t look or isn’t dressed like a rich kid anyone can just belittle or discriminate her like that? He didn’t even ask the kid what she was trying to reach. He could have just offered to help her get that Pocky box on top. Or if he was really itching to reprimand, he could have just said “Nene wag kang maglaro dyan, baka mabasag yang mga tinda dyan.”

From his actions and gestures yesterday, I think he is a foreman or supervisor of the workers doing the renovation. He must be well educated to realize that what he did to my daughter was very unbecoming. But then I could be wrong.

Anyhow, he apologized naman. At least marunong syang mag-sorry.


~ by ivymarasigan on January 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Bullied by an elderly?”

  1. Bwisit! Siguro kung ako nanginginig na ako sa inis nun!

  2. teka, it took me a while after reading to regain my composure pero naku, kung sakin nangyari baka tanungin ko sha bigla kung magkano sha! so kaka! i don’t think that anyone has a right to say that to anybody.

  3. Grrr……..

  4. pasaway na manong… matapobre should I say & walang respeto… to think na bata lang yung kausap nya para magbitaw sya ng ganun… natakot tuloy si gabbie sa walang pusong mama na yon…

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