Help needed *sigh*

I thought I could do it on my own, but now I don’t think I could. Getting Gabbie to love writing, that is. I tried but I think she’s just not (yet) into it. She can write the alphabet, yeah, and it’s pretty much acceptable for a 4-yr old like her, but maybe not when the kid is already in the school where there is -admit it- competition.

She can also write her name, when I tell her to, with a guide. This is her best handwriting so far, done in less than three minutes.

But when she’s in school, she gets too slow and lazy to finish writing her complete name. I wonder why. Maybe there’s not much push or encouragement or guidance from the teachers? I don’t know. Today, in their mastery exam, she was the last to finish the task.

Two weeks from now they will have their final exams, and I’m not sure if by then she could write as good as this already without mommy sitting beside her to motivate her.

So I’m thinking of sending her to a tutorial lesson on writing. Review time and practice writing are our only bonding times since Rafa came. And they usually lead to us “fighting” and me “screaming” at her when she gets bored easily or when she doesn’t do it properly and the way I told her to. It’s getting unhealthy already.

I hope she could get the hang of it and enjoy Writing as much as she enjoys Reading and Math within a week.


~ by ivymarasigan on February 16, 2012.

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