Planning for Rafa’s 1st Birthday

I still have three and half months. So far we have booked the venue and caterer (they go together), photographer (which reminds me, I have to remind her) and entertainer (same as Gabbie’s 1st). Our theme for Rafa’s 1st birthday will be Hello Kitty. I have collected several stuff for giveaways and prizes from Japan Home and some tiangge stores in St. Francis. I am planning to go to Divisoria to get more for the lootbags. And speaking of lootbags, I might just DIY it this time. I have attended several parties and most of them gave out lootbags as giveaways. These bags get thrown out or given away as well because we have too many of them already and we don’t have much use for them, at least for us. So for our lootbags, I’m thinking of just buying the fabric and just sewing it myself. I guess I wouldn’t have to spend fifty pesos for each bag that if ever it gets thrown away after the party, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

As for the contents, I might get some things that are useful for babies and toddlers like a face towel maybe. With Gabbie and Rafa, I realized that we can’t have enough of towels and bibs and wipes.

I might not be putting so much balloons in the party venue, too. It’s a good thing that the caterer will already provide the centerpiece, so I might just add some themed cluster balloons and table numbers.

I’m torn between getting a photobooth or a videographer. It would be nice to have both, but that would depend on our budget. 

Foodcarts and lechon will definitely be there. Cakes and cupcake tower would be nice as well but I need to find better tasting cakes and cupcakes this time.

I feel like I still have so much to do. I’m turning the “planning” button to alert mode now 🙂




~ by ivymarasigan on July 24, 2012.

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