Mommy matters, etc.

A few days before Christmas I met with some of my mommy friends from a group Im subscribed to since the day I got married- newlyweds@work. They are not the first people I met in person but since we started calling ourselves “londonders” we would talk almost everyday (everyday nga yata) over FB chat.


As if we haven’t discussed everything under the sun yet, the three hour extended lunch that we had also became a chismisan episode that stretched from mommy stuff to wife stuff to OC-ness even showbiz issues local and international.


I remember a few months back I chanced upon a classmate from college whom I never saw again after graduation. Upon learning that I have stopped working since I had Gabbie, her reaction was like “What?! So how’s your social life now, that is if you still have any?” I simply said, “Keri lang, di naman nawawalan.” Because that’s the truth. I may have forgotten how it is to hop from one gimik to another in a single night but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any social life at all. I have cyber friends that I can talk to anytime of the day, no need to schedule an appointment, no need to dress up and go out and spend hundreds of bucks over coffee (but I do that occasionally when there are invites) and no need to lug a traveling bag with my two kids in tow.

And besides, I enjoy socializing with my little girls, and my husband… kung socializing din lang naman ang hanap.:)


~ by ivymarasigan on January 18, 2013.

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