Our Love Story

Reposting this from our wedding blog, before weddingannouncer.com permanently removes/deactivates our account… The story of us. I made this kwento in July 2006, a few months before our wedding. Read on…

“twelve years ago, i remember in our college class we were asked to nominate someone we think would fit to be the class leader. i looked around and found this guy who looked so prim and proper; his crisp white uniform neatly tucked and with the hair that every single strand seemed to be in its right place. i didnt know his name, so i had to ask my seat mate before i raised my hand. i don’t recall anything more after that, but he didnt win to be the class president. it was only then when i learned na mike pala ang name nya. haha.

one day as the school year slowly came to an end, our teacher asked who among us can represent the class in an extemporaneous speech contest to be held in time for the school fair (i think), that was november (?). as i sat silent in a corner, i was praying hard that nobody would volunteer me. you see i may carry a tune or two when i sing with the choir, but i suck (pun intended) in speaking in public, much less do an extempo speech in a huge school hall with spotlights right in front of my face. i knew my voice would let me down even if my prepared speech could win me a Nobel. pakantahin nyo na po ako, wag lang mag speech, utang na loob. next thing i knew i found myself rejecting the job, but promising a classmate that i would try my best and help him prepare his pieces. it was mike again. nun ko lang yata sya ulit nakausap. so i did my research and i helped him with those five topics to the best that i could. on the day of the presentation, i found a thank-you card inside my bag with my name in the envelope. nag-blush ba ko? hindi. only my classmates. walang effect. but i appreciated the card so much, eventhough hindi ko maisip how he managed to slip that card in my bag, na forever ko namang hawak. hmmm… until now, di ko pa din pala alam.

from then on naging friends na kami. and then someone from the class asked me to go with him and watch a movie. not because suplada nga ako, but i was not prepared so i found it hard to reject the offer. not because gusto ko sya, actually its the other way around. hindi yata ako kumportableng sumama sa kanya- alone, no way po please. not knowing how to say no without being too rude, i just told the guy na magpaalam muna sya kay mike (unintentionally implying na we have an understanding na, it was just to reject that guy, promise!), which he did, but was so unlucky naman to receive a no from him. but everything was a palabas lang, we didnt talk about it, it just happened spontaneously, parang scripted, natural na natural. haha. all because i just wanted to get rid of an offer.

as far as i can remember, that was the start. we started doing class activities in a group, and soon went home together walking from Ortigas to Rosario every afternoon. i dont remember asking him about the card, neither did he ask me if i was able to read it. but we would talk a lot about absolutely anything. and he would wait for the choir practice to finish pa so we can go home together. a 180-degree turn from his old habit of going home right after the class ends, usually 4pm. and during wednesdays he would go with me to attend the novena in Baclaran.

on the last day of that school year, after a month of what i consider panliligaw, we became a couple. that was March 30, 1994, but unknown pa to my family, and i think sa kanila din. a couple of weeks before my 17th birthday, he came to our house carrying a notebook- magkokopya lang daw ng notes, haha. and then on my birthday, hindi pa din alam sa bahay na kami na, he gave me a small red pillow with words “YOU… are the love of my life” and the words ‘i love you’ in the card. nabasa yun ng nanay ko so yun na, hindi nga lang nila alam ang exact date. years passed, we went on our different ojt’s, went with our first jobs and the next, celebrated several birthdays and valentines together. nag tampuhan, nag suyuan. nag sulatan (nung wala pa cellphone, i didnt have a landline, until now actually) and nag… break. yah, nag break.

it was already our ninth year when we broke up for the first time. just like any ordinary couples go through. but the effect on me was like what St Bernard was after the landslide. flat, zero. i had nothing. that was the most painful pain i ever had in my existence. and i realized all those years, my life was centered on him. that was when God finally told me to stop, and find and learn to love myself. find time for myself, for my family and friends old and new. which i successfully did. i dont know what St Bernard in Leyte looks like now, but me, only a few months after the break up, i was already standing tall and proud, with pride and dignity; facing the whole world saying this is the new me- a better and a stronger person. and with a better understanding that indeed, there’s a reason for everything that happens in our lives.

in 2004, two years after, we got back together. i knew it was God’s will. it was His will that my feelings for mike would not perish. because if it did, he would find it hard to win me again. it was not easy on the first few months though, i would often ask and find the ‘sweeter’ part in the ‘love is sweeter the second time around’, as they would say it. but it was when renewed people come back in each other’s arms, when two old friends meet again… it was not just sweeter, but more divine and meaningful.

on our 11th anniversary officially as sweethearts (technically 13th, we were separated for two years), mike and i will finally make our dreams come true. i don’t know how i would manage to walk down the isle without everything i had written here flashing back in my memory. and i don’t know how not to cry when it happens. but if i do, it only means one thing- the tears would mean that i’d be finally leaving the hurts and pains i have experienced in the 13 years that we were together (and separated). and along with me, my entourage and the loose petals on the red carpet, i will walk my way to my groom waiting at the altar carrying with me all the blissful moments we have spent together, and the precious lessons we’ve learned from our break-up.

mike is my first boyfriend. and needless to say, my first love. and barely 200 days from now when i say “i do”, in front of the whole world, in the name of our Lord, mike will definitely become the last as well… (ivy//073006)”


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