Bedroom Makeover

Sharing some modifications we did in our bedroom (photos show before–during the makeover–after).

This is inspired by some pins i got my pinterest, some designs i saw from a magazine, and considering the things we need and need not to have inside our bedroom.

The built-in table in one corner (below the aircon) was added for Mike as his work table, so he wont wrestle with the kids when they are already sleeping and he is doing some take home work on the bed. This will also save his laptop from being damaged due to unintentional kicking by the kids.

The built-in shelves, more than for displaying decors, serve as bedside tables as well, where we can place books, remote controls, phones and other knick knacks that we normally use.

The walls were also repainted to complete the makeover.






~ by ivymarasigan on February 12, 2013.

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