Proud momma

Last night I found myself a little anxious and excited for today’s pronouncement of honors and awardees in Gabbie’s class. I felt like I travelled to some thirty years ago when my mother was being called to the classroom by our class adviser. I was thinking that maybe I had won in a raffle when I saw the teacher writing on the board “congratulations” with my name on the top of the list. My mother stood crying by the door. When we got home I realized it was because I made it to the top of our class. First honor. Outstanding Pupil.

And then I travelled fast forward to high school, when every quarter each student who got grades of 85 up would receive a certificate of achievement. I think I got six or more certificates from the time they started doing it on our third year up to the time I graduated.

Today, I learned that Gabbie is in the list of first honorable mentions among the three sections of the whole Kinder 1. She also got the first place for their spelling bee. And another award for being “the most enthusiastic” student.

When I see her practice their moving on song “Fly To Your Heart” and “Glowing Inside”, sometimes I cant help but get too emotional. Sometimes I even cry. I feel so proud being a parent and I feel blessed to have been given a chance to become her mother. I feel proud that she’s growing up a bright and charming kid. I feel proud that despite me being short-tempered at times, she’s still sweet to me and she’s still a mom’s girl.

On their moving on ceremony three days from now, I can see myself having tears of joy when, just like last year in Nursery, the program gets to the part when the kids each give their parents a flower while singing a heartfelt thank you song.

Congratulations Gabbie! You deserve a reward for your good job. May each of your achievements become an inspiration for us to always do our best in everything that we do.

Thank you for your love and thank you for the joy that you always bring to us. I love you Gabbie. Mommy and Daddy and Rafa are really proud of you.


~ by ivymarasigan on March 12, 2013.

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  1. Congratulations Gabbie!♥

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