So, what’s up?

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for me, well, emotionally, that is. For one, Rafa was rushed to the ER when she fell from the bed on the floor, head first. When I carried her she looked groggy, and she was silently sobbing uncontrollably. I cried with her, as usual, but I had to have the energy and presence of mind to call the hubby to help me calm down and decide on the next steps to take. We were in The Medical City ER after an hour and she slowly got back to being her normal giggly and active self when the doctors were checking on her. We were dismissed another hour later and were just given a checklist of what to observe for the next 3 days. Thank God she’s fine.


Exactly a week after, it was Gabbie’s turn to the emergency room. When Rafa and I picked her up from school, she complained of painful stomach. Before we left the school, she went to the CR and pooped. I thought she was going to be ok but she couldn’t walk straight and all the time she was touching her tummy. So carrying Rafa in one arm and pulling Gabbie’s trolley bag with the other, we hailed a taxi and went to, again, the ER of The Medical City. There she was interviewed, examined and advised to rest. She was also given something that would make her poop again because the result of the examination was constipation. When she finally pooped, after a few minutes she was up and about, like nothing happened. We just waited for the result of her urinalysis then went home as soon as we were cleared.


And then just last week, we thought I had a miscarriage. My monthly period did not come on the date it was expected so we decided to wait for another week more before doing a home pregnancy test. On the fourth or fifth day, it came. I was still holding on the belief that it could be some implantation bleeding that normally happens during the first weeks of pregnancy. But the blood flow until the next day was already too much for the usual implantation bleeding that I experienced in my first two pregnancies. I started to feel that it was a regular monthly period but due to the stress that I had been through the past weeks, the blood flow was somewhat abnormal. The amount of blood was cut in half and there were times that there were chunks of blood coming out (TMI, pardon the image) whenever I pee.


Finally I had the HPT but it showed a negative result. Then we went to the OB and after doing an IE on me, the doctor said the 4-10 days delay in menstruation could still be normal and that this is not an urgent case. I was also advised to have a TVS (ultrasound) where the sonologist, after performing it for about 30 minutes, said there’s not much to worry about. So we are again scheduled to visit the OB soon to finally advise us what it was and to give us peace of mind, of course, that there was really nothing serious about it, only stress.


This week is Gabbie’s 2nd mastery test. Last weekend we did not have any chance to do a review because of some pre-planned activities so we’re in a sort of cramming mode now. But this is manageable. I will try my best to not worry about things anymore to ward off any negative thoughts that could trigger stress and eventually sickness.


On to positive and happy thoughts now.


~ by ivymarasigan on July 22, 2013.

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