Uniwide Finds

There has been a rumor (at least in a yahoogroup I’m subscribed in) that Uniwide is closing soon.

Uniwide had been my go-to for my everyday knickknacks when I was still single and working in Globe Telecom in Pioneer. Being located on the way home from work, my day would not be complete then without passing by and checkin in on whatever it is that I can buy, from foods to appliances to house decors to school supplies to clothings to personal stuff. Name it, they all have it (nauna lang yata ang SM na mag claim ng “we got it all for you” hehe) at a much much lower price.

Their store in Edsa Central (Crossing) was my haven for Christmas and New Year shopping. I remember once I left a cellphone in a tricycle and when I called it was forwarded to a certain number. The next day I went to the tricycle terminal and asked around. Luckily, the manong driver was able to keep it and was willing to give it back to me. Before I met with him to get my phone, I dropped by Uniwide and got some grocery items as reward.

And so when I recently heard that they are closing anytime soon, the little shoppingera in me was awaken and I found myself wanting and itching to go to the nearest branch (the Edsa Central branch has long been closed for reasons I don’t know) to hoard house decors and Christmas giveaways.

On my first visit, I got these:




But I felt I needed to go back, so on my next visit, these were my cheap finds:


And then I realized one or two visits are never enough so when I had the chance, I went back and bought some candy houses that I can use for the Christmas Village decor that I had been dreaming to have since I was a child.


I know this won’t be the last time. I know the little shoppingera in me would keep on going back until they finally closed down, if indeed they will close down. But I’m hoping it will not be too soon.

I therefore conclude that Uniwide is a happy place to go when you want to do some retail therapy and you’re on a budget. 🙂


~ by ivymarasigan on July 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “Uniwide Finds”

  1. Hi, is it still open up to these days?

  2. Hi! Yes as far as I know 😦

  3. 🙂

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