Celebrating 20th year

Of my one and only lovelife, that is 🙂

Since Im on my 37th week of pregnancy with our 3rd child, Mack, we just decided to celebrate our anniversary (20 years of being in love and 7 years of being married) here in Splash Island which is just a few minutes travel from Manila in case something emergency happens.





While some couples celebrate anniversaries renewing their vows or going on a trip without their kids, we prefer to celebrate ours as a family in a simpler but still memorable way. Gabbie and Rafa enjoy water and swimming so much and we want them to enjoy this summer despite the coming of their baby brother.

Happy anniversary to us, honey! Twenty years of ups and downs in our relationship and marriage may not be a bed of roses but Im so glad and thankful that we have weathered all the storms that came our way and we still have each other to enjoy each and every sunrise after each storm with and without our little ones. We know we couldnt have done it without our love and great faith in each other and of course, in God. and We may have gone longer than most couples our age have but we we know still have a long way to go with the kids to complete our family and help light our way as we celebrate many many many more anniversaries in the future.

I love you to the moon and back. 🙂




~ by ivymarasigan on March 30, 2014.

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