Gabbie was offered Math Enrichment Program in school. Not all students get invited to enrol in this program so without thinking twice about it, we enrolled her. But the thing is, she had to extend an hour of stay in the school during Mondays and Wednesday for the whole school year. Her school service couldnt adjust to her new dismissal time so we had to look for another. Good thing her classmate Nica, who also attends the MEP, rides a school service that could accommodate their new schedule. And so today she will ride with Nica gping home.

When I told her about it, Gabbie said, “Ayan, Ate Dominique can talk louder already in the school bus”. I asked her why, and then she told me that when they go home together, another servicemate Ashley would tell D and Karylle to not speak to Gabbie and whenever they talk, they just whisper to ear other so that Gabbie wouldnt hear what they’re talking about. They wouldn’t include her in their conversations.

While Gabbie told these things to me very casually, I cringed. All those time my daughter is being bullied withouth me knowing.

And while I know that bullying can happen to anyone anytime anywhere, I still feel sad knowing that my daughter at such a young age would have to go through that. I am just hoping that this bullying instance, no matter how small it is, will not hav an effect on Gabbie in any way.

Call me paranoid but I should be reading more about bullying and how to tell if your kid is going thru something not good emotionally or physically.


~ by ivymarasigan on September 10, 2014.

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