Sometimes I just want to drop everything, ride the car and drive away even without knowing where fate would take me. And then when my mind and heart are already clear of any negativity and heaviness and angst, I go back and start on a clean slate.


Here at home I don’t feel safe anymore. With all the hullabaloos happening one after another, we ca not move anymore like we used to-freely in our own house. But more than that, Im worried about how this has affected my relationship with my kids. Because everytime something happens, I get really annoyed and low-tempered but having no one to at least air out my issues to, most of the time, my kids become my stress absorber. Its not healhy at all. It really isnt. 

So Im praying and hoping that in the next weeks or during the entire summer vacation, we could make it up to the kids. We will try to make this summer break fun and nothing but fun. Im praying for more (even unending) patience for my kids, especially with the eldest.

Parenting is challenging.


~ by ivymarasigan on March 13, 2015.

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