Heavy heart

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Tonight I wanted to hug my firstborn to sleep. She’s just six but what I saw on her face earlier when daddy scolded her in front of our meager dinner was genuine fear. She was hurt and she tried to fight or hide it but her young and fragile heart couldn’t contain it. She cried and inside, I did, too.



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Sometimes it feels like too surreal, like Im still in the “in denial” phase. But when I open my eyes and I see them, it starts to slowly sink in on me- that this is it. This is the reality.

Ten years ago, I was very much single. I don’t remember any thoughts about marriage and family, much less having kids (three, to be specific).

But now, seven years through marriage and at the tender age of thirty seven, I already have three kids and I am already ligated.

They say life begins at forty. It means that mine hasnt even begun yet. So I’m really looking forward to it.

Celebrating 20th year

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Of my one and only lovelife, that is πŸ™‚

Since Im on my 37th week of pregnancy with our 3rd child, Mack, we just decided to celebrate our anniversary (20 years of being in love and 7 years of being married) here in Splash Island which is just a few minutes travel from Manila in case something emergency happens.





While some couples celebrate anniversaries renewing their vows or going on a trip without their kids, we prefer to celebrate ours as a family in a simpler but still memorable way. Gabbie and Rafa enjoy water and swimming so much and we want them to enjoy this summer despite the coming of their baby brother.

Happy anniversary to us, honey! Twenty years of ups and downs in our relationship and marriage may not be a bed of roses but Im so glad and thankful that we have weathered all the storms that came our way and we still have each other to enjoy each and every sunrise after each storm with and without our little ones. We know we couldnt have done it without our love and great faith in each other and of course, in God. and We may have gone longer than most couples our age have but we we know still have a long way to go with the kids to complete our family and help light our way as we celebrate many many many more anniversaries in the future.

I love you to the moon and back. πŸ™‚



Three years!

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This week is Gabbie’s final exams week in Kinder 2. As I sit here in front of my laptop doing and downloading some reviewers and worksheets, I get a little nostalgic. I just can’t believe it has been three years! From Nursery to Kinder 1 to Kinder 2, I did this for almost everyday and every exam time. It was tiring at times, but every time she came home with her exam results and every time the school ended and she got recognitions, it felt fulfilling.

But this time I feel she’s getting a little burned out with these reviewing, tutoring and all. Probably she also feels my emotions, being eight months preggy and and all, and having Rafa, who’s equally demanding of time and attention, around. At one point she even told me she would just pray to God and think harder during the actual exams so she wouldn’t need to study and review at home, but we both know that it will not be enough. Times like this (and with hormones kicking in) make me want to cry and just let her be, and just let her use whatever stock knowledge she has for the finals exams. But that would not be 100% possible, and effective.

So despite expecting to give birth a few weeks into summer vacation, I’d still want to plan their activities, getaways and other form of relaxation this school break. They might be allowed to do malling once or twice a week, do some art works at home at their own pace and choice, play with their slide, tents and other toys and I might ask their Daddy to get a new inflatable swimming pool for them.

On the next school year, she will be Grade 1 in a big school. Though I had been there before, still, I don’t know what lies ahead. But one thing for sure. I will still be with her in her school activities, in doing her homework, in reviewing for exams, in doing her projects and in pursuing whatever extra school club she will choose.

Back to reading

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Back to reading

I wish I could go back to reading books again. Looking at these titles gives happiness. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

Christmas decors

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Christmas decors

These are the Uniwide Christmas decors that I got. My sort of a Christmas Village on top of our mini bar. Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

Uniwide Finds

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There has been a rumor (at least in a yahoogroup I’m subscribed in) that Uniwide is closing soon.

Uniwide had been my go-to for my everyday knickknacks when I was still single and working in Globe Telecom in Pioneer. Being located on the way home from work, my day would not be complete then without passing by and checkin in on whatever it is that I can buy, from foods to appliances to house decors to school supplies to clothings to personal stuff. Name it, they all have it (nauna lang yata ang SM na mag claim ng “we got it all for you” hehe) at a much much lower price.

Their store in Edsa Central (Crossing) was my haven for Christmas and New Year shopping. I remember once I left a cellphone in a tricycle and when I called it was forwarded to a certain number. The next day I went to the tricycle terminal and asked around. Luckily, the manong driver was able to keep it and was willing to give it back to me. Before I met with him to get my phone, I dropped by Uniwide and got some grocery items as reward.

And so when I recently heard that they are closing anytime soon, the little shoppingera in me was awaken and I found myself wanting and itching to go to the nearest branch (the Edsa Central branch has long been closed for reasons I don’t know) to hoard house decors and Christmas giveaways.

On my first visit, I got these:




But I felt I needed to go back, so on my next visit, these were my cheap finds:


And then I realized one or two visits are never enough so when I had the chance, I went back and bought some candy houses that I can use for the Christmas Village decor that I had been dreaming to have since I was a child.


I know this won’t be the last time. I know the little shoppingera in me would keep on going back until they finally closed down, if indeed they will close down. But I’m hoping it will not be too soon.

I therefore conclude that Uniwide is a happy place to go when you want to do some retail therapy and you’re on a budget. πŸ™‚